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Urus Rent a Car LLC

We offer the best quality cars on the market, have a large fleet of 50 or more luxury vehicles, and are well-known for the reliable service we offer at the most competitive prices. We have the largest fleet of luxury cars in the UAE, offering a diverse variety of vehicles ranging from the most expensive to the most cost-effective. We are actively striving to provide our consumers with the highest-quality vehicles manufactured by the world’s leading automakers. Our primary offerings include automotive brands such as Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen, as well as a diverse variety of new cars from different manufacturers. 4×4 SUVs and commercial vehicles such as vans, coaches, pick-ups, and buses with seating for up to 34 people are also available with or without Drivers.

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Urus Rent A Car L.L.C Al Kazim Building 3, Abu hail, Dubai - UAE

(+971) 502848500